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Ginger said it best: " photography is my legacy to my children and to myself."

Creek Lady of undetermined age carrying a camera, maybe some dogs around. Stay for a discussion of important things, when the sun comes up, when it sets, what stage the moon is in and how that affects the tides. I will take your picture, you take mine. Water will be our drink! If you need or want a memory, if you want to buy a photo of one, I may have what you are looking for. I look forward to sharing my water with you! Look up a creek first......might be there, might not.

Creek Lady

Anytime, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

bio photo by Ricky Wrenn


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  • The Saul Alexander Gallery Art Exhibit at the Charleston County Library, was the month of July, 2007.

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          The family and friends of Ginger, the Creek Lady, regret to announce her death on the evening of Saturday, May 5, 2007. Ginger's death was sudden, although her symptoms have been troubling her for over a year. She was diagnosed the day before her death with the rare disease Wegener's Granulomatosis.

          Ginger was very excited to be chosen from many artists to exhibit her photographs at The Charleston County Main Library, on Calhoun Street, the entire month of July. She was ready to show her photos to others and was busy preparing her work when she became seriously ill.

          Upon hearing of her death, Magnolia Gardens and Plantation in Charleston offered to do a tribute to Ginger in the Fall of 2007. Ginger was a regular at Magnolia and captured the magic of the plantation in her photography of its gardens, wildlife and people. She would often spend hours sitting with the birds and they became her favorite subject. A number of employees at the plantation who knew Ginger have said how much they will miss her. Her photographs will be on display.

          Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston also plans on hosting a tribute to Ginger in the Spring of 2008. The butterfly pavillion was a favorite of Ginger's and it is said that she spent hours upon hours patiently waiting for the right photo. She certainly captured the beauty and wonder of the butterflies in her photos. She also frequented the annual oyster roasts held at the plantation and her photos of the event bring home the tradition of the south. Her photos of this plantation will also be on display.

          Dates for the tributes will be posted here as soon as they are established.

          Take some time and explore the world of Charleston, its low country and its people through the eyes of one of the best and most loved photographers in the South. Ginger's legacy is a gift, not only her family and friends but, to the people of the low country, Charleston, the South.

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